Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I.T. Management 101

What do they teach in "Management 101" in the School of Hard Knocks?

"Tech-heads are knuckle-heads, Management Knows Best".

Simple, stupid and ineffective... What are the things you want in your technicians? Breadth and Depth.

You want Bright, Capable people that are motivated, knowledgeable and productive. You also want innovative, cost-efficient solutions...

Adopting a "Command and Control" mentality in a cognitive based task is not just wrong, but pessimal - you can't do it worse. Managers who've been 'Technical' are often worst - they believe they know all the answers and are still technically relevant.

In 2007 I know of a major Australian outsourcer using 300Kb Word documents as its Change Control mechanism.
That could've been a cute idea in 1995. It's a mornings' job for a young gun to produce a PHP-MySQL solution running on the Intranet. The 'Managers' can't see a problem...

No references - don't know where to start or how to define the question...

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