Monday, February 26, 2007

What's this thing called ITILOPIA?

Is this "ITIL Utopia" or "ITIL Myopia"??

I've started on my "ITIL Journey". I first worked in "Information Technology" (then called ADP - Automatic Data Processing, 'Computing' or 'Programming') in 1972 and have specialised in it since end of 1974. I was in the first generation to get a major in 'Computer Science' (The term 'Software Engineering' was only invented 3 years prior to me starting Uni) and was in the fist generation to use Unix (in fact, the second ever course in the Unix kernel, by John Lions).

I've worked in most areas of I.T., most organisation types (Public, Private, Not-for-Profit), as contractor, consultant and permanent, on Projects, Operations and Maintenance, in almost all sizes of companies (1 to 25,000), Design, Architecture, Analysis, Ops/Admin and programming/implmentation, Real-Time, Batch, GUI, High-performance computing, Database, Data Analysis and even Accounting/Billing/Book-keeping.

And I'm usually the local expert in Troubleshooting and Fault Diagnosis.

I'm yet to be a CIO, Project Manager of >$1M, or Team Lead more than 6 people.

But my projects always deliver. Even in the face of extreme obstacles and people running 'interference' (You know who you are!).

This not only gives me a bunch of experience, but a unique perspective.

'ITIL' may be a good start for moving into the world of "Mature Computing" (the first commercial computer, the LEO (Lyons Electronic Office) was produced circa 1951).

Or it may have some gaps and oversights...

Which is it? Join me on the Journey :-)


Dr. Q said...

Here, you seem to focus in IT "ops". What about a more encompassing persepective that includes IT development? Large companies have IT apps engineers to develop their own internal apps for such things as CRM, for example. Every business unit has an IT group for each application. Does that alter anything you say about ITIL?

SteveJ said...

ITIL and ISO/IEC 20,000 are "Quality Management Systems for IT Services" (or IT Ops)